Unique Training method by Anastasiia Zavistovskaya
Triumph of your feminity
Triumph of your feminity
Hi! My name is Anastasiia Zavistovskaya and let me introduce you to Grace!
- Professional coach (Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health)

- Former Ballerina ( ballet school of Leonid Yakobson)

- Founder of 1st flexibility studio in St. Petersburg, Russia and brand "StretchMe"

- Popular coach at online-platform Fitstarts.ru

- Successful Instagram and YouTube blogger with audience over 1/3 million

- Author of online and off-line courses for coaches

- Headliner and main coach of many international sport festivals and festivals for people with disabilities Formula Motion

- Author of many articles about health and Flexibility in periodical publications "TimeOut" and "В спорте 24"(in sport 24)

- Connoisseur of beautiful and unending admiration for the human body's functional capacity and rich dexterity
"Body - is an only truly possession you actually have, satisfactory or not, - but it's one thing and it's given to you for life... Every decision You make, every action and emotion responds in the body."

" Who's good? I'm good" - you think and laying down again with your smartphone "surf" the web...
You bought fitness club membership and for a few months now, without missing any training, working out 3 times a week.

Three. Hours. In week. You move correctly, following all recommendations of a professional coach. However, you live 168 hours in a week.
Let's imagine, that you are actually really good, as just a few people, and take eight hours of healthy sleep, so we left with 112 hours of active life...3 hours of correct motor activity versus 109 hours of motor activity «how to go», right motor body mechanics comes in handy, incorrect one - harm the health... There are no third option, and the choice is only yours.

I turned to the laws of nature, to the laws of biomechanics and anatomy, on them built updated casual life motor skills, accessible to every woman, even a new mother - that is how the author's method Grace took shaped.

Method features
Strength and Flexibility
Each exercise helps to improve two physical qualities at once: strength and flexibility. A force is developing that helps to maintain and improve flexibility.
One exercise flows into another
All exercises and ligaments are performed at medium speed, but all training takes place with high intensity
All exercises are graceful and aesthetic, resembling a charming fitness dance
Most exercises can be performed without heating, they can complement the training of others workout programs. are also easy to integrate into everyday motor skills
Feels good
Lightness and excitement - that's what you're gonna feel after Grace Workout. Supporters of this method feel positive tone and pleasant relaxation at the same time
Key feature
You don't train, you live with those moves.They shape and maintain your slimness every day, grace and posture
Why do you need this?
Learn how to move GRACEfully every day!
So that the training is not exhausted, and gave strength!
To remove all the extra weight, clamps in the body, fears and worries!
So that everyday motor skills can help you be luxurious, slender and flexible. And stop hurting you!
So that in the reflection of every mirror and window - the smile of its grace and infinite love for itself!
That is what my GRACE women write
Become GRACE woman
Femininity, flexibility, gentleness and grace - that's yours! Let it happen!
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